Photography is much more than simply looking through a viewfinder and clicking the shutter button. It is a creative process which involves not only capturing three dimensions (width, height, and depth) in a two dimensional way, but "seeing" light and shadow, cropping spatially (capturing a small portion of the overall scene), and telling the story.

When I click the shutter I am not taking a photograph, but making a photograph. As an artist, I'll work on my images until they reflect the essence of the moment that I witnessed and wanted to communicate. I process the images with the idea of what the final will look like prior to activating the shutter. I rely on exposure techniques and processing to achieve that vision. 

Maybe, just maybe, while looking at my photographs, you too will be able to experience that emotion, as though you were there with me, looking over my shoulder, and saying silently, as I did when I took the shot, “Wow, look at that".

I have been making photographs since my grandfather gave me my first camera - a Kodak Pony. I learned photography hands-on and spent many hours in the darkroom, coming out into the light ,always smelling like rotten eggs. Now I use a digital darkroom. In the past I have used a Konica, Kowa SETR, and Olympus SLR cameras; now I shoot with a Nikon DSLR.

I exhibit at arts & crafts festivals, both juried and non-juried, throughout the year. Please look at my show schedule for the venues and dates.

One of the nicest compliments I ever received came from a woman who walked into my booth, and after looking around told me, "Your photographs make me smile." May God grant me the time and privilege to continue to bring a smile to all.